Extremely long running times and very short set-up times

You change inserts, we grind them!

LSAB Supreme is a unique series of cutting tools with a number of advantages. The tools are designed to maintain the cycle between profile changes, which means that the profile inserts can be sharpened without access to the tool body. It allows a fast and cost-effective grinding service because only the inserts need to be sent away for grinding. The tools are also characterized by extremely long running times and very short set-up times, which together provide unmatched machine utilization. It is easy to supplement with new profiles in the same tool body. All in all, this is a tool series for high-performance applications with high demands on surface quality, walking time and flexibility.

LSAB Supreme is well suited for end users who do not want to handle grinding or service themselves. We analyze your application and make suggestions for the appropriate number of tool bodies. Then we produce profile forms according to customer specifications. The forms are stored with both you and us. Profile forms are changed with a simple touch. Forms for grinding are placed in packaging from LSAB and sent to us for service. New forms are mounted in the tool body with maintained rotation and the tool is immediately ready for use in production. At LSAB, the forms are serviced and ground and serviced. If we have stocked ready-made sets with us, these are sent immediately and we stock the incoming ones the forms after service. If LSAB does not have stored forms, they are usually sent back within a week. Flexibility Use LSAB Supreme for full flexibility. New profile forms can easily be mounted in the existing tool body, which means that the investment can take place step by step and in step with changes in the product flora in your production. LSAB Supreme is suitable for both lower feed speeds, e.g. profiled strips etc. as for dimension planing. Of course, LSAB Supreme can also plan. Depending on the conditions in your machine, it is possible to put double profiles in the same profile form for short set-up times and long running times.