Cutting Excellence

LSAB is a merger of Långshyttangruppen, Woodtechniique, Westlings and Vistträsk Slipservice – each company a dominant supplier in their niche. Together we form a strong international company with a complete range of services as well as world-class products. We also know that our customers need more than just a good product to achieve their goals. Therefore, we offer a comprehensive service offering that includes everything from service to optimizer services to maximize the outcome.

Visions and values

LSAB has created a strategic framework for how the company should act:

Our Vision

”Customers choose us because we create sustainable values”
Customers choose us because we are the most value-creating supplier. Values that we create through our products and services as well as knowledge and our ability to think innovatively.

Our Mission

”We create sustainable conditions”
Our mission is to create the conditions for long-term profitability and growth, by daring to be innovative and focus on the whole picture – rather than short-term profits.

Our Values

We find new ways and have the courage to think and act differently. We do not make things more difficult than they need to be. We choose natural and effective solutions.

We are honest with ourselves, with our customers and our suppliers. We are straight, clear and consistent and we take initiatives and prioritize action and results. Should we make a mistake, we will redo and do the right thing immediately.

We do not make things more difficult than they need to be. It should be easy and fun to work with us and we will always deliver what we promise.